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KOPT (ALLFocus). ”Sharpness on the whole photo”


A solution on the ”eternal” sharpness problem at photography



Now there is a technique to create photos with sharpness on the whole image.

For photographers it has always been a matter of facts that they can only get sharpness in one single image plane. Other parts in the photo will be blurred.    

Refined techniques have been developed to simplify control of sharpness on that part in the image, which the photographer prioritises to be sharp. The result that other parts in the image will be out of focus is experienced as a necessity as a law of nature. Both amateurs and professional photographers have had problems. Amateurs fill their albums with blurred photos, and the pros tries to diminish the problems with various methods.   

One example is the use of cameras of type ”Tilt and Shift”, TS. The difference to the common camera is that the photographer can choice to tilt the focus-plane at an angle through the image. However still one can only get sharpness on objects with position just in that plane.

Subject in front of and behind the focus-plane are blurred, - in the same way as for an ordinary camera. Thus it is still only possible to get sharpness in one single plane. Traditionally those TS-cameras are large, expensive and complex to adjust.


The new KOPT-technology changes all that. It creates the capability to photograph the reality, i.e. the 3-dimensional world, we live in. - And the photos show the reality with sharpness on all parts in the image. What should have been natural is now also possible.

The basic principle for KOPT is simple to describe, although the process methods themselves are advanced. The process utilises information from different focus settings to create “All in focus”- photos



Concept for KOPT:

A software product for photography

It is designed for use in PC.

It is designed for integration in digital cameras.