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Development in Business



Dinbis started 1995 as a spin-off company from the Swedish Defence industry. The idea was to use advanced technical know-how from the Defence System and Sensor areas, and by inventions create systems and products also for the civilian area.

Dinbis has participated in several international and national research projects, supported by EU and the Swedish National Board of Technical Development

The founder, Kjell Olsson, has a doctor degree in technology and is inventor of some 30 patented inventions. He has helped companies as Philips, LIC, ITT and Saab in their advanced development of systems and products. He has helped governmental organisations as STU/NUTEK and FM/FMV with advices on future direction of development and investments.



SUPPOSE includes a co-operation project, πLOTs, between the Swedish Armed Forces and Dinbis.

Bayesian probability schemes help the commander to Decision Superiority

Dinbis is working with new creative solutions for the customers. The projects are focused on products giving the customers large economic benefits. That is realized by solving real fundamental customer needs/problems, using own system methods:

· System analysis for Operation, Market and Technology

· Deep advanced technical skill for appropriate technical solutions

· Creative system solutions, matching fundamental system perspectives


At present:

Dinbis is working with three major projects in parallel: See Start page.