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SUPPOSE (πLOTs) is helping the manager in his most difficult tasks:


Typical security operations are characterized by the combination of:

- Uncertainties about the destroying forces and their development. It might regard the forces of nature,

enemies of society (terrorists, criminals) and their intentions, resources and actions.

- Dynamic situations with time stress to act fast for initiative advantages, - or forced to fast reactions by destroying forces.

- Complex situations (including various qualities of information), considering both destroying forces and own activities.


Then SUPPOSE (πLOTs) is:

 Handling Uncertainties by advanced probability methods (incl. Bayesian):

- Creating solid measures for understanding the situation, the development of destroying forces and intentions and

possibilities of the enemy of the society.

- Creating measures on possible success for own plans, missions and task-forces.

 Handling Dynamics (handling time stress) by advanced prediction methods (probability based),

- Creating a time margin for actions to be taken, preventing the predicted threatened situations to happen in reality.

 Handling Complexity by advanced modelling methods (operation models),

- Creating structures for operations and information handling

- Operation based tools for planning, execution and evaluation

- Creating network capabilities, supporting co-operations

between various organisations at different local positions evaluation