System & Products: Creative solutions

Development in Business

Dinbis is working with new creative solutions for the customers. The projects are focused on products giving the customer large economic benefits. The success is realized by solving real fundamental customer needs/problems, using advanced system methods and appropriate technologies.  Thus the products are using new advanced technologies in close contacts with customers. 

Management / Decision support systems:

                 SUPPOSE (πLOTs): Handling the uncertainties

                 Solving the uncertainty problem in decisions

                 The unique patented solution

Traffic Management Systems:

                 TOR, ”Traffic Operations in Real-time”

                 Solving the traffic congestion problem

                 The unique patented solution

Photo sharpness products:                                    

                 Sharpness on the whole picture

                 Solving the defocusing problem of objects on different distances

                 The unique patented solution




Project List