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SUPPOSE includes a co-operation project, πLOTs, between the Swedish Armed Forces and Dinbis.

Bayesian probability schemes help the commander to Decision Superiority

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We are creating solutions on your problems!

Including problems seemingly ”impossible to solve”:

Below are examples on technical solutions:

Systems and Products areas:

Management / Decision support systems:

                 SUPPOSE (πLOTs): Handling the uncertainties

                 Solving the uncertainty problem in decisions

                 The unique patented solution


Traffic Management Systems:

                 TOR, ”Traffic Operations in Real-time”

                 Solving the traffic congestion problem

                 The unique patented solution


Photo sharpness products:

                 KOPT (ALLFocus): Sharpness on the whole picture

                 Solving the defocusing problem of objects on different distances

                 The unique patented solution



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